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Next Stage Radicals Podcast

This week our very own Jose Leal joined Andy Brogan from Next Stage Radicals (Radical + Next Stage Radicals - can you tell we think similarly?) on their podcast. Andy and Jose have been collaborating for a year, but this is the first time they entered into a public conversation.

The podcast was an opportunity for Jose to talk about what we have been working on here at Radical. 

Jose mentioned the three things that make our vision of the Future of Work a radical idea:

  1. The Future of Work Community has been focused on the symptoms, not the fundamental disease or issue — ourselves included.
  2. The real problem is the Force Paradigm we live in that has caused us to create command and control systems of work based on false assumptions about the nature of human beings.
  3. As human beings, we have innate needs and motivations that drive our behavior. We need to understand this and co-create ways of working and tools that serve these needs while making the impact we seek to make.

Take a listen. We think the Radical message comes through loud and clear — #breakfree and work with Radical Purpose!


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