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Jose Leal

Co-founder β€” helping people create organizations that meet their human needs

Working with Radical Purpose Workshop

Radical has been developing a Radical Purpose Workshop for over a year. The Workshop aims to introduce people to how work can be different if we stop working from the current paradigm of force and start co-creating work to suit human needs.

For far too long, our society has been using force on younger generations. With each generation, the amount of force has continued to increase. Though it seems like organizations are making efforts to improve working conditions, the reality is that they are improving the subtlety of the force, not removing it.

The Future of Work

Many people are working on what we call the future of work, a movement towards making work better. This movement has taken many different shapes. Some have instituted organizational frameworks that operate on the basis of a constitution. Others have created principles of flat, decentralized, or networked organizations. Others still have developed numerous practices to be used by would-be self-managed organizations.

We have learned a lot from these groups, and many have strong followings. However, we feel that a key aspect of the future of work is missing in most, if not all, of these offerings. We believe that the future of how we work does not start with adopting a new constitution or new practices but shifting our view of humanity. We believe that work should not be something that people are forced to do in ways others want but should meet the innate needs of those who are doing the work.

Overview Workshop

Our no-cost overview workshop is intended for those who may or may not have tried other ways to look at new ways of working or self-management. This 60-minute workshop covers the basic understanding of:

  • The Force vs Needs paradigm
  • How people are motivated (Radical Purpose)
  • How people can collaborate from a needs-based lens
  • How people can co-create collaborative tools that serve their needs and the impact that they are seeking to make

Join Us for this Free Workshop‍

Join us and tell a friend. We promise you have never seen anything like this before. It’s a fresh new look at how the future of work will come about. We will introduce concepts that will help you reimagine work as a thing of passion and fulfillment rather than a thing of control and toil.



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