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Force vs. Life Needs


Force Paradigm - Blood, sweat, and Tears
"We cannot fix yesterday, but we can create tomorrow."
— Sadhguru, Yogi and Author

Switching Lens

We have lost touch with our life needs for meaning, impacting, belonging, and becoming — causing us to build a system of work based on force stemming from the belief that we are rational beings that are stupid and lazy.  Our current system of work comes from an antiquated paradigm that is causing tremendous organizational dysfunction and personal suffering.

It’s unsustainable and unacceptable to continue working in a system built on force.

#breakfree of the Force Paradigm

Systems of Force

Humanity lives and works in a paradigm of force that has created systems of ubiquitous command and control. From childhood we are taught to follow the rules.  We are asked to play roles that constrain us — rather than be ourselves.  Our organizations accordingly and unwittingly dominate us and create mass collateral damage.

We have grown to accept the Force Paradigm as part of our reality

The Force Paradigm - Rules, Roles, Us - causing mass collateral damage

RULES — Rules Above All

Rules take shape as Laws, Hierarchical Organizational Structures, Corporate, Departmental, and Disciplinary Policies, etc. Rules take priority over our lives.

ROLES — Roles Constrain Us

Roles are prevalent throughout society. They seem innocuous, however the roles of Owner, Boss, Employee and their corresponding Job Titles and Job Descriptions constrain us in many ways.

US — System Dominates Us

We are so inside the boxes of the rules and our roles that we have lost touch with how controlled we have become. The system consistently dominates us.

OUTCOME — Mass Collateral Damage

We all suffer as a consequence. Our lives are shaped by the constant barrage of force. Our ecology, communities, and families are under extreme stress, resulting in unhealthy and unsustainable ways of working and being.

#breakfree of the Force Paradigm

Needs Paradigm

Humanity has innate needs that drive our motivation and behavior.  Reengaging these needs helps us overcome the Force Paradigm.  Working with radical purpose shifts our view of work from one of toil to one of collaboration, creativity, collective impact, and a sustainable future of possibility.

Our innate needs can guide us towards an interdependent future

I — I Have Innate Needs

Our needs point us to our Radical Purpose and carry the wisdom of our evolution. They are not passing ideologies or a new set of principles that will fade with time.

WE — We Are Interdependent

We evolved to be interdependent, not independent. By understanding our collective purpose we can once again become whole in serving one another.

TOOLS — We Co-create Our Tools

Our current tools act as constraints. By co-creating collaborative tools that help us make decisions, agreements, and commitments, while serving our needs and building on our interdependence, we can enhance our ability to work together.

OUTCOME — Collective Impact

All around us we see situations that are unacceptable. Individually we feel unable to change them, but by collaborating without force we can overcome the dysfunction and make the collective impact we desire and are capable of making.

Needs Paradigm - I, We, Tools - for a collective impact

Start making the shift from the Force Paradigm to the Needs Paradigm.
Tell others about the Radical Declaration of Interdependence and join one of our Workshops.

Together we can #breakfree and co-create better ways of working and living.

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